"Inspiration is a narrow flow of bright clarity,

which springs from vast and eternal knowledge,

it overcomes the mind more fully than it does the knowledge of the senses."


Evylin was a beautiful woman, charismatic, expressionist in any shape of life, from the darkest to the brightest. She never went unnoticed.

Rich of her originality, she had a straight existentialist faith, and she carried on with the bare necessities.


Constantly searching for a meaning of  the existence origin, she always lived in an internal conflict: peace and war, pain and joy, hatred and love, dark and light, sorrow and euphoria.

We can find all of this, not only in her art but also in her way of life.


Beside of a conventional society, she was absolutely out of the box. Evylin was focused, extremely sensitive and emotional, sharing her thoughts with people around her, upsetting the daily routing of life, surprising people in a positive or negative way.


Evylin always needed nature, observing it to its finest detail to gain strength, beauty, colours, sound, harmony, cruelty and unpredictability.

Probably, nature was her main source of inspiration and she used it to express her own "sense of unsettled" in any shape with different artistic style: painting, drawing, sculptures and even narrative and poem.

the person

a life

dedicated to art

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She was a "Brut", spontaneous and out of the ordinary. Autodidact, she followed her own expressive current, exploring different ways of art. She debuted with a very personal Naif style, with an imaginary "fantastic-sarcastic-cruel” and sometimes very dark.

Afterwards, Evylin switches to a period of figurative expressionism, painting dramatic portraits and "every-day-life" situation with a critical gaze to society.


The artistic path evolves from a figurative colourful style with lot of movement in harmony to abstractionism of surreal subjects and natural elements.

Every Evylin’s work is very distinguishable by a wide chromatic variety of colour. Colour fulfils her life, her work and her tales.

The last years of her life, Evylin dropped the brush to pick a pen (to be correct a typewriter)  and dedicated herself to poetry and narrative.

She never completely quit painting anyway, but she decided to focus to different things and try to express herself in different ways.

Unfortunately, most of her composition remains unknown, perhaps for shyness or because it was too personal. Just few people had the privilege to see those tales. But who knows, maybe one day..

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